Breadhead Sweepstakes

In the wise words of Oprah Winfrey...
"I. Love. Bread."

Sourdough bread is wildly simple, with 3 ingredients that come out in hugely different ways depending on who prepares them. The combination of simplicity and difficulty represents everything I love about cooking.

More than that, it was one of the first “hard” things I learned how to make, and my parents constantly ask me to bake some for them. However, lately, I have been slacking.

With my video editing workload growing, bread has fallen to the waistside and Momma and Poppa tries stuff are upset. So - this monthly giveaway is my way of assuring a more consistent baking schedule while giving back to the people that raised me and the people that are helping me make my dreams come true. One time entry, one winner every month. You can't win twice.

Because of freshness/customs clash - I cannot send bread out of the US, but if you are outside and win I will send you a sweet CodyTriesStuff t-shirt of your choosing instead.

May the odds be ever in your favor!!!!